App Accomplished

Strategies for App Development Success

Chapter 14 - Table of Contents

Chapter 14 – Submission and Beyond

Discusses submitting your app to the store, what to do if it gets rejected and how to start planning your follow-up release.

  • Getting Your Marketing Material Together
  • Reviewer Instructions
    • Apps that Require Accounts
    • Apps that Require Special Hardware
    • Apps that Require Special Locations or Activities
  • Last-Minute Plea for Sanity
  • Pushing the Button
  • Dealing with Rejection
    • Rejection Correspondence Often Lacks Specifics
    • Crash/Debugging Rejection
    • Offline Mode Failure Rejection
    • File System Mismanagement Rejection
    • Copyright Misuse Rejection
    • Couldn’t Verify Claim Rejection
    • Private API Use Rejection
    • Metadata Rejection
  • Resubmission
  • Launch
  • Getting Feedback
    • Crash Reports
    • Reviews
    • Contact from Users
  • The Next Release
  • Red Queen’s Race
  • Wrapping Up