App Accomplished

Strategies for App Development Success

Chapter 3 - Table of Contents

Chapter 3 – Prototyping and Wireframing Your App

Explains how to turn your app idea into something a developer can understand how to develop

  • Focus on the Core Experience
    • Write Your Commercial First
    • Pick Your Typical User
    • Pick the Perfect Situation
    • What Do They Do Now?
    • Fleshing Out the Script
  • Wireframe the App
    • Sketch Your Initial Screens
    • Draw Tools for Wireframes
    • Bare Bones
    • Common UI Stencils
    • Photorealism
    • Briefly Jumping Ahead
    • Static Wireframes of Dynamic Screens
    • Figure Out Your Options
    • Make Copies of Your Screens
    • Adapting Screens for Tablets
    • What Other Commercials Could You Make?
    • Identify Your Error Functions
    • Figure Out Your “First Run” Workflow
    • Get Feedback on Wireframes
    • Consolidate, Organize, and Refine
    • Group Like Data Together
    • Simplify Scrolling Areas
    • Buttons Are Cheaper Than Gestures
    • Reuse Phone-Sized Screens as Tablet Screen Elements
  • Build an Interactive Prototype
    • The Value of Really Interacting
    • Pick a Tool
    • Maintain a System of Record
    • Always Working from Wireframes
    • Abandon Wireframes for Mockups
    • Transitioning Back and Forth
    • Convert Your Wireframes
    • Hook Your Screens Together
    • Duplicate Screens as Needed
  • Prototyping Tips and Tricks
    • Make Sure that the User Can Always Get Back
    • Make Sure the Users Know Where They Are
    • Don’t Forget the Keyboard
    • Special Case: Logout
    • Get Feedback from Yourself and Others
  • Wrapping Up