App Accomplished

Strategies for App Development Success

Chapter 9 - Table of Contents

Chapter 9 – Managing to Milestones

Explains how app projects can be organized and managed and gives some recommendations about strategies that have worked for me.

  • Never Agree to “30% Down And I’ll Talk To You In 3 Months”
  • Minimizing Risk with Frequent Milestones
  • How I Learned to Stopped Grumbling and Love Milestones
  • Milestones Are Not Sprints
  • Organization, Sequencing, and Focus
    • Organization
    • Sequencing
    • Focus
  • Let Conway’s Law Be Your Guide
  • Scheduling Software Strongly Suggested
  • Remember That Estimates Are Only Estimates
    • Familiarity
    • Uncertainty
    • Isolation
    • Padding
    • Granularity
    • Estimated Tasks Aren’t Final Tasks
  • Renovation Versus New Construction
  • Estimates and Entomology
  • Plan Reevaluation and Project Feedback Loops
  • Wrapping Up