App Accomplished

Strategies for App Development Success

Chapter 10 - Table of Contents

Chapter 10 – Understanding What You’re Getting

Explains how to estimate the quality of the app that you are getting and the code that is being written for it.

  • Living Within Your Means
  • The Ticking Clock
    • More Meetings Are Not the Answer
    • It’s About the Work
  • Justifying Effort for your Project Size
  • Get the Code, Even if There’s Nothing to See in the UI
  • Comments in Source Control
  • Comments in Code
  • Build and Run the App Yourself
  • Third-Party Libraries
  • Source Code Project Organization
  • Automated Test Coverage
  • Detecting Plagiarism
  • Compiler Warnings
  • Duplicated Code
  • Commented Out Code
  • Magic Numbers
  • Huge Combinatorial Complexity
  • Useless, Ambiguous, or Confusing Naming
  • The “UI Thread” or “Main Thread”
  • Wrapping Up