App Accomplished

Strategies for App Development Success

Chapter 12 - Table of Contents

Chapter 12 – Communicating Using Bugs

Explains how to use a bug or issue tracking tool to communicate with your present and future development teams.

  • Vocabulary
  • Bug Trackers as Communication Tools
    • Tracking Bugs Comprehensively
    • Tracking Bugs Collaboratively
    • Bug Tracker Notifications
  • One Bug Per Bug Report, Please
  • Anatomy of a Bug Report
  • Feature Request Versus Bug Fix
  • Placeholder Issues
  • Bug Trackers as Business Continuity
  • Bug Trackers Versus Code Comments
  • Writing Useful Bug Reports
    • Focus On Symptoms, Not Solutions
    • What Screen Were You On?
    • How Did You Get There?
    • What State Were You In?
    • What Did You Do?
    • What Did You Expect?
    • What Did It Do Instead?
  • Attaching Files to Bugs
  • Data-Specific Bugs
  • Reproduction: There’s the Rub
  • Bug States
  • Reopening Bugs Versus Creating New Ones
  • Splitting Bugs
  • Two Bugs, One Cause
  • Saving For Posterity
  • Wrapping Up