App Accomplished

Strategies for App Development Success

Chapter 11 - Table of Contents

Chapter 11 – Pulling the Plug Early

Explains how to determine how far off track your project seems and how to decide whether it’s recoverable or not.

  • So You Missed a Milestone
  • Stop The Press! Figure Out Where You Are
  • Discussing Failure
  • Milestone Hit, But Bugs Abound
    • Regression Failures
    • Performance Failures
    • Device Mismatch
    • Expectation Mismatch
    • Don’t Defer Performance Problems
  • If Your Developer Was Proactive
  • If Your Developer Wasn’t Honest
  • If It Could Have Been Your Fault
  • Evaluating The Recovery Plan
    • Developer Availability Issues
    • Poorly Estimated Task Issues
    • Risky Items, Identified Early
    • Inability to Stay On Task
    • Unforeseen Platform Bugs or Issues
    • Unforeseen External Dependencies
    • Larger Than Expected Overhead
    • Tasks that Weren’t Expected to Be Needed
    • Mistakes and Bugs
      • Wasted or Duplicated Effort
      • Developers Who Failed to Coordinate
    • Just Bad Estimates
  • How Far Gone Are You?
  • Trying to Salvage the Project
  • Fair Compensation
  • Transitioning to a New Developer
  • Wrapping Up